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12' Azzurro Mare Boat

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2022 Production Line - Azzurro Mare (Triton Upgrades)The new Triton Series premium Azzurro Mare boats are now in stock in very limited quantities. The Triton improvements on this model include heat-welded seams, top-of-the-line Heytex PVC, UV protection tub covers, and premium Leafield inflation and pressure relief valves ($400 value compared to our standard version). 

The Azzurro Mare inflatable boats are custom made by Saturn Inflatables for the European market and are now available in the USA. The new 12' Azzurro Mare AM365 now comes with boat tube covers to protect the boat from damaging UV rays and to extend the lifespan. That is a premium cover and over $200 in added value. Azzurro Mare boats are of exceptional quality workmanship and covered by our upgraded 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects ($300 value). The 12' AM365 boat is great as a ship-to-shore dinghy or tender for main ship. It comfortably seats 1 additional passenger from the 11' model and the squared off nose adds capacity and space for additional gear.

These premium features make Azzurro Mare boats different from Saturn:

  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty for transom and hull seams on all AM boats.

  • Attractive Euro-style squared shape bow adds more useful space in front.

  • The V-shaped bottom of AM inflatable boats is made of Extra heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC, which is almost twice the thickness of heavy-duty 0.9mm (1,100 denier) PVC.

  • The bottoms of tubes are also covered with an additional layer of the same 1.5mm PVC.

  • Round end tubes provide more buoyancy and support for heavier engines.

  • Transom holders are re-enforced with additional layer of PVC to protect against UV-rays.

  • Two lifting D-rings added inside front bow for the securing of additional equipment.

  • Air valve of air floor is protected with a cover to keep dirt and water away.

Once deflated and folded, inflatable boat can be easily stored in the trunk of your car. These boats are European CE-certified, also certified by German LLoyd. Come with all paperwork for registration in the US

Azzurro Mare Inflatable Boat Customer's Review:

"I love your products. Last summer I purchased the Azzurro AM365 inflatable Boat, (2) floating docks and (2) stand-up paddle boards. The quality of the AM365 is top notch. It has the fit and finish worthy of finest yacht tenders. The paddle boards are the hit of our cottage community. My children and I are having a blast with all the products." Sean P.

"Hey guys, I wanted to write a follow up to a review I had written about 5 or 6 years ago when I bought my inflatable from you. When I first got my AM365 6 years ago, I remember being impressed with the way it looked.... BOMBPROOF!!! Just all around good, solid, well thought out construction. But the real test has been the 6 years since then. I have put this boat through every possible crazy, nasty situation you can put one through, and it looks almost new. Other than a few scuff marks from slamming into a rock, a coral head or a tree, it would be hard to tell it from a new one. I use it all the time, but if it is not used for 2 or 3 weeks, I cover it with a tarp. Not even a high dollar cover, just a plastic tarp. I also let a little air out of all the tubes to reduce the constant pressure. I'm sure these little measures have helped it last also, but the quality construction is the main reason. I had a Zodiac before this and within the first 3 years the glue at the seams started changing color...very ugly. 6 years in and the AM365 is still in MINT condition. I'm about to upgrade to a larger model, and I'm not even going to bother looking at any other companies. You've always been there to answer my questions, and any need I have is handled immediately. I am definitely a customer for life....thank you so much for all of your help..." Damon.

"I bought one of your Azzuro Mare inflatables last year, and have been using it almost daily since then - I live aboard, so the dinghy sees almost constant use. I'm very impressed with the durability and the quality of construction of your boat; for the price, I don't think it's possible to find a better one. I say this with some authority: I've lived on board for 20 years now, spent 7 years of that in the Caribbean, and have used and owned a wide variety of boats." Ben

"The Azzurro Mare has exceeded my expectations. Love taking it snorkeling. It turned lots of heads on Crab Island in Destin Florida. Everyone asked where the boat was from. I sent them your way." Kelly

Azzurro Mare Inflatable Boat Tech Specs:

  • Separate internal air chambers.Compare Azzurro Mare vs. Standard Dinghy

  • One-way drain valve with plug.

  • All around, durable rubber strike.

  • Safety valve to prevent over inflation.

  • Stainless steel D-rings for easy towing.

  • Upgraded inflation air valves with pushpin design.

  • Front bow D-ring with integral lifting handle.

  • Spare rope for attaching anchor is included.

  • High-pressure drop stitch air floor is included.

  • Deep inflatable V-keel with a rub strake protector.

  • Extremely rigid, lightweight hull for excellent performance.

  • Lightweight and strong removable aluminum seat benches.

  • Free second aluminum bench is included when order is placed on-line!

  • Heavy-duty marine grade plywood transom for outboard motor.

  • Equipment: aluminum oars, repair kit, seat bench and carry bag.

  • Free, complimentary generic high-volume hand pump is included.

  •  Tube covers and upgraded 5-year warranty (value over $600) are now included with every model.

While Azzurro Mare boats offer various premium features that other competitive brands are lacking, we are still able to offer sale prices well below other comparable inflatable boat brands. This top-of-the-line model is backed with an industry leading 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty!

Production Photos Showing Both Colors


Boat Specification

Air Chambers:
3 + 1 + 1
Carrying Handles:
Air Deck Floor (6psi)
Inside Length:
Inside Width:
Max Capacity:
1430 lbs
Max Outboard Motor:
30 HP (15" shaft / 150 lbs)
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included Standard
Overall Width:
Packing Size:
52" x 28" x 13"
2 Included (Aluminum)
Passenger Capacity:
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Total Weight (Incl. Floor):
120 lbs
Tube Diameter:
Upgraded Leafield Valves
5 Yr
Weight (Floor):
10 lbs
Speed (Approx.):
17 mph (10HP w/2 adults)
Stainless Steel D-Rings:

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