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14' Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft

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List price: $2,599.00
You save: $1,300.00 (50%)
Shipping: $99.00
Frame packages include pair of 88" side rails, 3 cross bars, 2 oar mounts, 2 oarlocks, 1 NRS lowback rowing seat, 1 NRS high-back swivel seat (2 with 3-seat option)
Package includes (2) 7.5' 2-Piece Cataract Black KBO Wrapped Oar Shafts and (2) Cataract Mini-Magnum Oar Blades
NRS Stern Seat Anchor Assembly
50% Off When Packaged with a Saturn Raft
Oar Rights and Sleeves are recommended for the best rowing experience
NRS HD 1" Tie Down Straps for your frame package
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14' Saturn Flatwater Fishing RaftGet ready, anglers, for the all-new 2023 14' Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft! After over two years of development, we are thrilled to finally bring this cutting-edge inflatable raft to the market. The raft's Triton construction techniques result in even stronger and more durable seams than before, ensuring reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

The Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft includes top-of-the-line features like Leafield D7 inflation valves (valued at $150), Leafield A6 pressure-relief valve ($50 value), extra thick top wear strip for frame wear protection, extra thick 1.2mm PVC in our custom Triton dropstitch floor design ($200 value), and an extended 3-year warranty for added convenience and peace of mind. Its upgraded construction materials and technical design specs enable it to carry heavier loads than inflatable kayaks and other rafts of its size.

Perhaps the best selling point of the Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft is its exceptional portability. You can store it inflated in your truck bed or deflated in your SUV without the need for a boat trailer. At just 14' long, it can even fit in the trunk of your car. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of boat trailers and reclaim your garage space!

The Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft can accommodate 2-4 adults and is a versatile replacement for your drift boat, pontoon, tender, kayak, canoe, motorboat, float tube, and raft. Its stability and maneuverability allow you to navigate even the trickiest of waters and access remote and uncrowded fishing holes that may have been impossible to reach before.

Invest in the 2023 Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft and experience the ultimate in portability, durability, and safety. Its cutting-edge technology, dropstitch floor, and sleek design make it the perfect companion for tackling lakes and flatwater rivers. Upgrade your fishing game this season and make the most of every trip with the Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose the 2023 Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft for the ultimate lake fishing experience.

This highly advanced fishing raft is constructed with heavy-duty 1,100 Heytex High Strength PVC fabric with a 0.9mm coating on both sides, and features a 1.2mm thick black PVC bottom covering for additional protection. The 16" exterior tube diameters will provide additional storage capacity, bouyancy, and incredible tracking on flatwater. The raft includes a 4" thick high-pressure non-bailing inflatable air deck floor and heavy-duty D-rings to accommodate our custom NRS 2 and 3-Seat Fishing Frame Package.

The Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft also includes additional accessories like 2 removable inflatable thwarts ($250 value), a repair kit ($25 value), a storage bag ($50 value), and an upgraded high-pressure hand pump (valued at $50).

Our 14' Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft design is optimized for flatwater river conditions and boasts a significantly greater capacity than our kayak product line. Our 14' Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft design is optimized for flatwater river conditions and boasts a significantly greater capacity than our kayak product line. However, if you plan on rafting in whitewater conditions, we strongly advise considering our full product line of Saturn Whitewater Rafts for maximum safety and performance.

The NRS Custom Fishing Frame Packages are optional and priced as listed. The custom fishing frames can be modified to fit your ideal needs, so please give us a call at (800)350-6572 to talk to one of our product/sales specialists. 14' Saturn Triton Flatwater Fishing Raft (Grey)Custom 3-Seat NRS Fishing Frame Package. Also Includes Cataract KBO Oar Package. Optional Add-Ons Show Front Thighbar, Rear Anchor Assembly, Cooler, and Anchor Rope.



Raft Specification

Air Chambers:
2 Exterior Turbes, 2 Inflatable Thwarts (Removable), and 1 Dropstitch Inflatable Floor (Rated Over 10 PSI)
Carrying Handles:
Center-to-Center Tube Width:
Extra PVC on Top Tubes:
4" Frame Wear Strip Along Top Tangent Length
Interior Width:
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included Standard
Extra Long Kayak Paddle Included
Passenger Capacity:
Removable Thwarts:
2 (Pin System)
Rubber Strake Protection:
Extra Thick Exterior Rub Strake And Double PVC Protection Up To Rub Strake
Self Bailing Floor:
Top Tangent Length:
Approximately 110"
Tube Diameter:
Leafield D7 Inflation Valves with A6 PRV Valves
3-Year Now Included
Weight (Raft):
85 Lbs

Manual (SATURN_Raft-Kayak_Manual.pdf, 837 Kb) [Download]

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