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13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak

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13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak in Class III Whitewater (Photo Provided by Customer Brian Savage)

Our newest 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayaks now come ready to hit the river with 2 kayak paddles, 2 highback kayak seats, 2 large removal fins for flatwater use, upgraded inflation valves, additional D-rings for added seating positions, extra inflatable floor protection and upgraded accessories. You simply won't find a tandem inflatable kayak on the marketplace that represents the value you get with the new 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak. 

These upgrades were designed for everyday use by outfitters and guides but this kayak is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality, low cost, self-bailing inflatable kayak. 

Older 13' Saturn WW Kayak - Packing for the Canyon Run

Simply put, these kayaks continue to be the best value on the inflatable whitewater kayak market today and won rave reviews in an outdoor magazine article in 2016. We continue to hear amazing stories of customers using them on remote expeditions, 70-mile canyon kayaking trips, as their preferred craft running Class IV+ whitewater, and even as a comfortable bed during multi-day canyon floats. Rated for commercial use our 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak is ready for Class IV and larger rapids anywhere on the globe. This is a professional grade self-bailing kayak ready for the extreme adventurer looking to handle big whitewater. The 13’ length and 6” high-pressure inflatable air deck floor provide the perfect combination to accommodate 2 adults. Our new cold welded technology and material improvements provide a floor pressure rating over 10 psi (that's nearly 3 times the average in the industry and the most rigid floor in the inflatable market).

Saturn whitewater inflatable kayaks are highly rugged, extremely sturdy, will rival the performance of a hard-shelled kayak and provide the added convenience of being very portable and easily stored. The 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak is perfect for someone that wants to take their kayak hiking, traveling or camping as well as be able to store it in a closet or throw in the trunk of a car. They offer supreme convenience, versatility and fun.

This inflatable kayak is made with heavy-duty 1100 Heytex PVC with an extra 1.2mm PVC layer covering the entire bottom surface area. The floor is made of a 6" thick high-pressure air deck that is extremely rigid when inflated, but can be rolled up when deflated. The floor thickness is the same as the air deck floor design in our Saturn Whitewater Rafts. The 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak comes with multiple pre-installed heavy-duty D-rings to easily accommodate different seating positions for the highback kayak seats and give you greater flexibility when paddling with 1-2 passengers.

What makes this kayak different from our Expedition series kayaks is the self-bailing capability and our industry leading 6" thick dropstitch floor. This design is a must for river conditions and also provides much greater capacity. Our Expedition kayaks have a 2" thick floor without the holes in the bottom for self bailing. If you're going to be taking on water during your use you'll need the self-bailing feature of the whitewater kayak.

We are also a full NRS dealer and can provide kayak package discounts including kayak paddles, helmets, PFD's, and other gear. Call us for custom package quotes at (800) 217-3270.

  • Tub construction uses heavy duty 1,100 Heytex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm. 
  • Bottom black PVC covering provides substantial additional protection using 1.2mm thick PVC.
  • 6" thick high-pressure self-bailing inflatable air deck floor.
  • Heavy-duty D-rings.
  • 2 towing/securing D-rings in front and back.
  • Upgraded inflation valves ($80 upgrade value)
  • Additional included accessories ($450 value): 2 double-sided kayak paddles ($100 value), 2 highback kayak seats ($120 value), 2 removable bottom fins ($40 value), repair kit ($25 value) and carry bag ($50 value). Upgraded high pressure hand pump included ($50 value).

13' Saturn WW Kayak - Brian Savage03/16 - Check out the great pictures just submitted by our customer Brian Savage!

I am late in writing to you, but wanted to say thanks for the Bomber IK. Our family has 2 of them now plus a 15' Whitewater Raft (pictured in 2011 Contest Winner Photo). We love our boats and have had numerous epic trips (Wild Scenic Rogue, various runs on the American, etc.). The attached photos are from a recent run on the American River (Satan's Cesspool in the Gorge). Thanks again for the quality boats... Brian



Kayak Specification

Air Chambers:
2 Exterior Tubes and 1 Inflatable Rigid Floor
Interior Width:
Kayak Weight:
50 lbs (not including gear or paddles)
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Persons Capacity:
2 Adults + 1 Child
Tube Diameter:
Weight Capacity:
700 lbs
Andrew McCubbin
Please find attached some photos of my family enjoying Saturn inflatable kayaks on the Grande Ronde in NE Oregon - we ran parts of it almost every weekend last Summer!
Administrator reply
We love that section of the river Andrew, and the peace and quite around Rattlesnake Grade. Have a great summer!
Elise and Matt
We just bought this kayak and we are obsessed! We live in Laguna Beach, but frequently travel to Oregon, so we wanted something we could take in the ocean and on the river and this was the perfect choice. We have been having fun taking it out in Laguna and in the Dana Point Harbor, can't wait to take it down the river in Oregon!
Here is a video of us using it for the first time
Matt Reich
Several years ago I purchased an inflatable whitewater kayak (WK396). I have never experienced any issues with this kayak and it continues to exceed our expectations.

The reason I am contacting you is that when I purchased this kayak, I ordered it with the deluxe high-back seats. These have been fantastic, but the raft never came with thwarts.

I would like to know if thwarts for this kayak are able to be purchased separately? I would like two, but if only one is available that would also work.

Please let me know if this is a possibility.

I would just like to say again, it is a fantastic kayak. You guys produce a great product.

Best Regards, Matt
Thomas K
I have not personally bought one of these yet, I have used them for many summers with a commercial company. Used largely on the Deschutes river, from flat water to class IV. I'm impressed with the quality and durablity of the material. As you can emagine with a commercial outfitter, they get a lot of ware but they have held up for many years. I found them them to be great for day use as well as multi day trips. I would recommend the high back WW seats as the IK is easier to maneuver while sitting with a low profile.
Kevin Garcia
Great IK but it needs more "Upsweep" on the front and back! I like the optional seats and the floor! Overall a good boat but with a bit more upsweep for whitewater it would be a great boat!
We purchased two of these kayaks in June of 2016. We love them!! I highly recommend upgrading from the included thwarts to the high-back kayak seats. These kayaks are very comfortable. We have already been on numerous 4 to 5 hour adventures and nobody has ever complained about being uncomfortable or sore. These are "white water kayaks" that do NOT have rudders on the bottom. It can be a challenge to keep it going in a straight direction on a lake or in the ocean. They are very stable in the water! We haven't flipped one yet. My fifteen year old daughter was able to climb back in without capsizing it after swimming.
Brian Savage
Just wanted to say thanks for the Bomber IK. Our family has 2 of them now plus a 15' WWR (pictured in 2011 Contest Winner Photo).. my brother-in-law. We love our boats and have had numerous epic trips (Wild Scenic Rogue, various runs on the American, etc.). The attached photos are from a recent run on the American River (Satan's Cesspool in the Gorge). Thanks again for the quality boats...
Rob Lyon (Outdoor Magazine Writer)
Running river canyons is essentially about riding that liquid filament, but for us it also means fishing and chukar hunting, camping, hiking and rock hounding, living off what we can catch or shoot, and playing call shot disc golf on a sagebrush flat after dinner.

These are inevitably fall trips for us; bird season doesn’t start until October. The scorching heat of high summer has moderated, but Indian summer weather is still the norm. As for the water, there is less of it, and the choice of boat to haul you and your swag through a boney crack in the earth can be decisive. Nowhere have I found this to be more so than the Owyhee. If you come from a rafting, river safari background, it’s a tough downsize. But self-supported with massive agendas in 100cfs through forty miles of rock garden means only one thing: IK. Just about the biggest, baddest one you can find. I once paddled a 20’ IK for two months out around the northwest tip of Vancouver Island but when we tried it on the Owyhee, it was like a Popsicle stick in a pinball machine—too many rocks and tight corners to maneuver a long boat through. It would be tempting to go pack raft or smaller, nimble IKs if we wanted to eat light and forget the ancillary interests. In the end we found that doubles are the best match, and Saturn’s 13’ White-water model, the very best of the bunch (and we tried many different brands). Pop out the extra seat and you’ve got sufficient room to pile the swag, while remaining small and nimble enough to negotiate the runs, to line and walk, even portage, when necessary. I especially like the extra roominess of the Saturn boat, and talk about bomber!
Footnote to dialing in the right boat for the Owyhee, we liked the results so much we picked up another Saturn duckie. We packed their Fishing Kayak into Ross Lake for a fly fishing magazine project, slipped in the removable skeg, paddled our over the deep blue water and caught the hell out of the local bows and dollies!
Jon Nelson
Took the 13'WW kayak out on Lake Mead last night with a 20 mph south wind and it swims great through wind chop,self bailing perfectly. Great boat.
AJ Myers
We took the Kayaks out Saturday on some flat water and they handled great.