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13'6" Triton Whitewater Raft

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Rear Seat Mount Also Included
Carlisle Oar Package Includes - 2 Carlisle Oars (8'-10' Length), 2 Carlisle Outfitter Oar Blades (6.5" or 8"), 2 Molded Oar Sleeves, 2 Oar Rights, Superston Oarlocks, and Oarlock Stainless Springs. Please add color preference (Black, Blue, Yellow)
Cataract Oar Package Includes - 2 Cataract SGG Oar Shafts (8'-10' Length), 2 Cataract 7" Magnum Blades (7"), 2 Molded Oar Sleeves, 2 Oar Rights, 2 NRS Atomic Oarlocks, Oarlock Stainless Springs, (4) 4' NRS 1" HD Tie-Down Straps. Add oar color preference.
NRS Stern Seat Anchor Assembly
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The all new 2023 13'6" Saturn Triton Self-Bailing Whitewater Raft is the bomb and will likely soon become our best selling whitewater raft across the board. It represents our most stable, all around whitewater raft perfectly suited for big whitewater and heavy gear loads. We produced this custom designed 13'6" length x 6'8" width to provide the perfect size for day trips, 3-night river trips, and fishing adventures. The custom 60" center-to-center width and beefed up 20" diameter tubes was customized specifically for our 60" wide NRS frames. The "Triton" series includes upgraded German Mehler PVC, heat-welded seams/accessories, Leafield D7 inflation valves, Leafield A6 pressure relief valves, an extra layer 1.2mm PVC floor protection, extremely rigid 10 psi dropstitch floor, and a 3-year extended warranty. You won't find that combination of quality/value anywhere in the marketplace. The dropstitch floor has been narrowed up about 5" to provide near instant self bailing in even the toughest whitewater conditions and the thwart connects have been machine molded for a perfect fit. Customer Picture of the 13'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft

The 13'6" length is truly customized for a customer who can't decide between the agility of a 12' or 13' raft and the most popular size in the industry at 14'. We believe the 13'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft is the most ideal sized raft you could have for daytrips with plenty of room for up to 7 paddlers or a weekend canyon camping trip with a family of 5. The 60" center-to-center width is ideal when installing the NRS Fishing Frame for those looking to target the next trophy or the NRS Bighorn II Frame (60" x 68" model) for a weekend adventure. Also, check out this awesome video which outlines our typical NRS 3-Seat Guide Fishing Frame Package (picture shown below on the trailer) and each individual component of the package. 

Our NRS packages are discounted 10% when added with any whitewater raft and packaged with our customer pre-populated frame builder spreadsheet (download by clicking on the "Attachment" tab right next to our Product Videos).

Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft with 3-Seat Custom NRS Fishing Frame PacakageThe 13'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft includes a few additional features you won't find on a 13' model including a third detachable thwart ($250 value), customized D-ring placement, upgraded PVC carrying handles, spindle style D-rings, a 30" bow/stern rise for greater punch in big rapids, and the additional "Triton" construction technology.

Additional Product Components2021 Accessories for 13'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft

  • 4 exterior tube chambers for extra safety
  • Heavy duty German Mehler High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm (1.2mm PVC covering used in the bottom of the raft to provide over 2.1mm protection).
  • Fabric is extra thick, puncture and abrasion resistant.
  • 6" thick Outfitter patented high-pressure air deck floor (rated over 10 psi!)
  • Towing/securing D-rings (front, back and sides).
  • Upgraded Leafield A6 PRV Valves and D7 Air Inflation Valves
  • Accessories: 3 thwarts, 1 upgraded foot pump, 1 repair kit, 1 storage bag, owners manual.
  • Raft length increased to 13'6"
  • Raft width custom designed at 80" wide (perfect fit for 60" wide NRS Frames)
  • Exterior tube diameters increased to 20"
  • Inside width increased to 40" to better support our custom dry boxes and coolers
  • Top tangent length with extra frame wear protection layer (71" x 6" wide)
  • Overall kick of 30" (bow and stern rise to top of tube)
  • Weight – Approximately 120 lbs
  • Inflatable patent pending “Outfitter” dropstitch floor is produced with upgraded PVC and also increased in total thickness to 6"
  • Bottom protection 1.2mm thick black PVC stretched to cover full bottom surface area and half way up the exterior tubes for added protection where it's needed the most.
  • Heavy-duty 2" D-rings installed for frame strapping
  • Width increased to 80"
  • Additional PVC lifting handles added
  • Circular wear patches installed on bottom surface corners for triple wear protection
  • Top chafe / frame wear pad installed on top of both side tubes
  • Solid black rub strake added to protect side tubes and bottom PVC covering wrap
  • Designed specifically for frame packages and rowing option ( NRS frame packages sold separately at 10% discount when packaged with a raft

13'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft


Raft Specification

Air Chambers:
4 Exterior Tubes / 3 Thwarts / 1 Dropstitch Floor
Carrying Handles:
Center-to-Center Tube Width:
Extra PVC on Top Tubes:
6" x 71"
Interior Width:
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Passenger Capacity:
Removable Thwarts:
3 (Pin System)
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Self Bailing Floor:
Outfitter Model (over 10 PSI!)
Top Tangent Length:
74" (71" Extra PVC Protection)
Tube Diameter:
Leafield D7 Inflation Valves with A6 PRV Valves
3 Year Warranty
Weight (Raft):
125 lbs

2022 NRS Frame Package Builder (2022_Saturn_Rafts-Frames.xlsx, 80 Kb) [Download]

Manual (SATURN_Raft-Kayak_Manual.pdf, 837 Kb) [Download]

Sarah Graham
Our maidan voyage! It was a fun day on the Upper C! Thank you! Sarah
The Grahams
A great raft
Our maidan voyage! It was a fun day on the Upper C! Thank you! Sarah
Administrator reply
Looks like a great way to end the season. Great setup!
Bought the 13'-6" Triton last fall and worked on it most of the winter putting it together w/ NRS outfitter frame, NRS dry box, and RTIC 65 cooler. Although NRS is out of stock on most of what we would need, I was able to put her together before Spring. Have floated the Upper Madison here in Montana on many occasions this season and a couple on the Missouri. Love it. Recently, I took it on a 5 day float on the Smith River, MT and she performed very well. Had no issues rowing through rapids avoiding cliff walls and rock obstacles. No doubt it's a little small for packing too much camping equipment but I was able to make it work and keep fishing. My only issue it that there is no hook up ring or handle at the bow for towing out of water. Other than that. I'm very happy with the rig.
Love the Saturn Triton 13’6”! Great, economical way to get on the river with all the comforts. Add a basic NRS frame which fits perfect, configure for whatever coolers and boxes you want, and you’re good to go! Goes everywhere and does everything same as other rafts twice the price. Zero issues so far!

Video of the first trip through blossom bar on the Rogue River!