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14' Saturn Cataraft

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14' Saturn Cataraft with NRS FrameThe 14' Saturn Whitewater Cataraft was developed for all types of rafting and fishing situations. It is a perfect combination of technical performance, stability and an unbelievable value. It makes a fantastic playboat and is extremely agile for a cataraft of it's size. It was designed to accommodate 1-2 seating positions and still provide adequate storage for multi-day floats.

The 22.5" tubes put you high up on the water and provide nearly 10" of clearance to the waterline. It is incredibly stable and drafts extremely shallow for low water with lot's of rocks. With a load capacity of nearly 1000 lbs, this cat is a perfect gear boat for your overnight float.

When set up with one of our custom whitewater rowing frames the 14' whitewater cataraft is the perfect playboat for Class IV+ whitewater and its' ease of maneuverability will be the envy of your rafting buddies. It's also the perfect size for fishing in tight, narrow canyons with a rower and front or rear casting seat.

New Saturn Triton Cataract Tubes on Custom NRS Frame (Frame Packaged at 10% Discount)The 14' Saturn Cataraft is longer and has larger tubes than our 13' cataraft and is really an ideal size for rowing with 2 separate seating positions and providing a high-back seat for your passenger. It is extremely manageable size whether you're shooting tight rivers or riding high in Class V water.

Our new model catarafts come standard with extra chafe protection on the top tubes along with an additional second layer covering the bottom surface area of each tube (Over 1.8mm PVC where you need the most protection). The 0.9mm PVC tubes and additional protection layers make it one of the toughest on the market today. Each tube has 2 chambers for added protection, well placed exterior valves for easy inflation, 10 perfectly preinstalled D-rings for easy connection of any frame, and comes with our preinstalled upgraded soft rubberized handles. The end cones are custom designed to perfectly match each tube and provide that needed extra protection. Upgraded inflation valves are now standard and add top of the line quality that can't be beat.

These cataraft tubes do not come standard with a frame. The pictures show NRS custom frames. Package the 14' Saturn Cataraft with any NRS Cataraft Frame (at our reduced 10% off frame/gear pricing) and you’ll have an absolutely perfect setup for leisurely drifting away from reality during your next floating adventure. Call us at (208)350-6572 for custom frame sizes and options.14' Saturn Cataraft with NRS Frame


Raft Specification

Air Chambers:
2 per tube
Carrying Handles:
2 per tube
Center-to-Center Tube Width:
Based on Frame Type
Extra PVC on Top Tubes:
110" x 10"
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included Standard
Oars and Frame Not Included
Passenger Capacity:
1 - 5
Top Tangent Length:
Tube Diameter:
Upgraded Valves
2-Year Included
Weight (Raft):
35 lbs (17 lbs per Tube)

2021 Frame Package Builder (2021_Saturn_Rafts_Frame_Packages.xlsx, 79 Kb) [Download]

Cost and durability
Love my outfitted Saturn Cataraft with the electric anchor setup (must have!)