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14' Saturn Fishing Kayak

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The new 2023 model with our "Triton" series improvements (optional) are finally in stock. The Triton Series upgrades represent over $350 additional value and include; upgraded PVC construction ($75 value), heat-welded seam technology ($150 value), Leafield D7 inflation valves ($50 value), and an extended 3-year warranty ($100 value). The boat technical specifications are nearly identical between the Triton model (TRFK430) and our standard version (FK430). These Triton series improvements incorporate the newest technologies in inflatable boat construction and provide an incredible value for those looking to put their kayak to the test. If available, this option will be listed under the "Model" selection.

 The 14' Saturn Fishing Kayak is a stretched out version of the 13' Saturn Fishing Kayak and was customized to provide nearly 20% more interior space for added comfort and the ability to carry more gear. The extra space is ideal for those looking to bring along another family member (comfortably seats 2 adults and a child), the family dog, an extra lunch cooler, or that extra fishing gear you wish you had thrown in. 

The 14' Saturn Fishing Kayak is easy to carry by a single adult, inflates/deflates in under 5 minutes, easily packs away in the included storage bag with rough dimensions of 45"x28"x16", and is among the most versatile inflatable fishing kayaks you'll find on the market today. The new 2022 version includes our new upgraded Heytex PVC, upgraded inflation valves, and an extra thicker black PVC bottom skin layer which covers the full bottom surface of the kayak and the exterior tube chambers below the waterline. The result of these upgrades is additional value and also assures durability, maximum floor protection, a pressure rating exceeding 6 psi (feels like you are standing on a rigid plastic floor), and comfort. These upgrades provide piece of mind knowing you have the highest quality / value ratio on the 2 person inflatable kayak market. This kayak is an absolute must for any RVer or camper where a fishing craft with maximum size for up to 3 adults is critical. 

This kayak is made of extra heavy-duty  Dtex PVC (double thickness on the bottom surface area) and the drop-stitch high-pressure air deck floor is the most rigid inflatable floor you will find on the inflatable kayak market. The floor is made to support up to 3 adults comfortably.

The 14' Saturn Fishing Kayak comes with 2 removable aluminum benches that can be used for mounting various hardware, such as rod holders, GPS units, video cameras, dive flags, anchor mounts, and even a fish finder. Check our our customer photos and videos showing many of their innovative ideas!

What makes this kayak so unique, is the multitude of ways it can be used. You can sit directly on the aluminum benches to paddle using kayak paddles or you can remove the seats and install our custom high-back kayak seats for full back support.

It is also possible to replace the rear aluminum bench with a longer version and add a vertical plate for an optional electric motor.

The 14' Saturn fishing inflatable kayak is a breeze to paddle due to its narrow profile, removable fin, high buoyancy exterior tubes, and rigid drop stitch floor.

Please note that this kayak is not a self-bailing model and was designed primarily for lakes, ponds, flatwater rivers, oceans and bays. If you are looking for a self-bailing kayak that will allow water to escape down through the floor during use, you need to consider the 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak. 

2020 13' Saturn Fishing Kayak - 14' Version is Similar but Stretched

General Specifications

  • Upgraded heavy duty Dtex High Strength Heytex PVC fabric coated on both sides. 
  • Fabric is thick, puncture and abrasion resistant.
  • 1.5mm PVC bottom floor covering.
  • Two Velcro straps on both tubes to secure oars when not in use.
  • High-pressure air deck floor with double layer of PVC fabric on the top surface.
  • Two removable aluminum platform seats, also for gear and oar holders.
  • Double layer of PVC fabric on top of tubes in the cockpit area.
  • One large removable fin at the bottom for directional stability.
  • Storage space in front and rear under splash guards.
  • Heavy-duty D-rings for optional kayak seats.
  • Hugging rope with handles in front and back.
  • Upgraded Leafield inflation air valves ($60 value)
  • Accessories: 2 aluminum seats, repair kit, storage bag, kayak paddle, and an upgraded hand pump.
  • Kayaks seats (without seat cushion) are optional but recommended for extended use for improved back support.
Dark Grey

Kayak Specification

Air Chambers:
2 Exterior Tubes and 1 Inflatable Rigid Floor
Interior Width:
Kayak Weight:
50 lbs (not including gear or paddles)
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
3' 2"
Persons Capacity:
3 adults
Tube Diameter:
Weight Capacity:
800 lbs

Heytex PVC Specs (170407_brochure_HEYboats_EN_DE_view.pdf, 1,259 Kb) [Download]

Manual (SATURN_Raft-Kayak_Manual.pdf, 837 Kb) [Download]

Bart W
I had no room in my apartment or car for a hard-shell kayak so I decided to buy an inflatable. After hours of searching online I ran into Saturn's 14' Fishing Kayak. It looked like the best inflatable kayak on the market for the price, so I bought it.
Overall, this is a phenomenal kayak. My biggest concern was the durability of the material but it's very durable; I've taken this thing through some rough areas and I'm not even close to getting a tear anywhere. It comfortably fits 2 people and is really stable. It paddles well but is susceptible to drifting when there are heavy winds so an anchor is definitely recommended while fishing! I don't bother using the aluminum benches because I like sitting with my back supported, but they can handle 230 pounds without flexing. The velcro straps for the paddles are nice to have but they're a pain to use; I wish they used hooks instead. The floor is extremely rigid when pumped fully, it almost feels like you're walking on a wooden floor. The pump that comes with this Kayak is great but the carry-bag could be better. The kayak is large when inflated but folds into a very small package that easily fits into the trunk of my Honda Civic.
Overall, I highly recommend buying this Kayak. I'll definitely keep Saturn in mind next time I purchase a an inflatable.
Riley Miller
Hello Saturn Rafts,

I bought an FK430G this past December. Got it out on the lakes of Iowa and Wisconsin this spring and love it. Around 550 lbs on average each ride--3 kids, dog, wife, and myself, with myself as the primary rower. Wish the fin helped stabilize better, but I'm used to hard body canoes and kayaks. Anycase, I love your product overall. We feel comfortable with the stability of a new craft and are ready for the next level.

We live on the Mississippi River. I want to take it out on the main channel with an electric trolling motor. How do you suggest mounting this and what power/battery would you suggest? Cost isn't really an issue, just want the best suggestion and to be able to push up river against the channel when we want to get home.

thanks for the recc!