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15' Saturn Inflatable Boat

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2024 15' Saturn Triton Inflatable Boat (Blue)Discover the Ultimate Adventure with the 15' Saturn Triton Heavy-Duty Inflatable Boat

Unleash the Power of Versatility

The new Triton models are arriving in July and are available for preorder now (see the bottom 4 images on this page for 2024 color options). The Triton Series upgrades for 2024 represent our largest ever upgrade package and include over $500 additional value. The Triton upgrades offered for the 15' Saturn Triton Inflatable Boat include our heavy-duty 35 OZ Suijia 1.2mm 2000 Denier PVC ($300 value and nearly 50% thicker than our Standard model), UK imported Leafield D7 inflation valves ($150 value), Leafield PRV pressure relief valve ($80 value), fiberglass coated marine grade plywood transom, 2000 cc capacity 7.2psi barrel pump, and an extended 3-year warranty. The boat technical specifications are nearly identical between the Triton model (TR470) and our standard version (SD470). These Triton series improvements incorporate the newest technologies in inflatable boat construction and provide an incredible value for those looking to put their boat to the test. If available, this option will be listed under the "Model" selection.

The 15' Saturn Heavy-Duty Inflatable Boat is now enhanced with premium features only found in our largest models. Perfect for ocean conditions and commercial operations, this workboat excels in nearly any water-based activity, from fishing and day trips to scuba diving. Whether you choose the TR470 or SD470 version, you'll experience the benefits of our upgraded sectional aluminum floor.

Why Choose an Inflatable Over a Hard Bottom Boat?

Portability and Ease of Use

  • Lightweight and Compact: The 15' Saturn Inflatable Boat is easy to transport and store. Unlike cumbersome hard bottom boats, it folds down to the size of a large, manageable bag for the boat (56” x 36” x 20” and about 140 lbs) and another flat bag for the floor (48” x 28” x 6” and about 90 lbs). No need for a trailer or large garage space.
  • Quick Setup: Inflate and be on the water in under 10 minutes. The included high-speed pump ensures a hassle-free experience.
  • Effortless Storage: When deflated, the XHD470 fits in the back of your SUV, a large closet, or your garage.

Durability and Safety

  • Rugged Construction: Made from 1100 DTEX PVC fabric with polyester support, the 15' Saturn is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The Triton version includes upgraded Suijia 1.2mm PVC, ideal for commercial and rescue operations.
  • Safety Features: With multiple air chambers, the boat stays afloat even if one chamber is punctured. The safety valve prevents excessive air pressure, ensuring your peace of mind on the water.
  • Enhanced Protection: Double layers of fabric at the bottom of the tubes, a rub-strake protector along the keel, and a heavy-duty outer plastic layer protect against UV rays, ozone, and abrasion.

Superior Performance

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Floor: The TR470 and SD470 models come standard with a customized sectional aluminum floor. The bow section is made of marine-grade plywood covered with gray resin, offering durability and rigidity. These puncture-proof hard floors provide impressive reliability and practicality.
  • Spacious and Comfortable: Accommodating up to 8 people, this boat is very comfortable for a group of 6, making it perfect for family outings or group adventures.

See It in Action

Experience the power and versatility of the 15' Saturn Triton Dinghy with a 9.8 HP motor in action. Click here to watch our video demonstration. Upgrade your boating experience with the 15' Saturn Heavy-Duty Inflatable Boat and enjoy unparalleled value, performance, and convenience.

Please download the floor installation instructions under the "Attachment" menu next to the "Product Videos" tab.New 2021 16' Saturn Triton Rescue Boat


  • Triton upgrades for this model (TR470) include; 35 OZ Suijia 1.2mm 2000 Denier PVC (nearly 50% thicker and stronger) material used in the construction of the boat hull and side tubes, Leafield inflation valves, Leafield pressure relief valve, fiberglass coated marine grade plywood transom, upgraded hand pump and accessories, and our Triton manufacturing high-frequency heat welded construction! Double layer of PVC on the bottom of the boat doubles the thickness to nearly 80 OZ 2.7mm 4000 Denier of protection.
  • All around rope grab line.
  • Separate internal air chambers.
  • One-way drain valve with plug.
  • All around, durable rubber strike.
  • Safety valve to prevent over inflation.
  • Stainless steel D-rings for easy towing.
  • Reliable flat air valves with pushpin design (Upgraded Leafield valves in Triton model).
  • Front bow D-ring with integral lifting handle.
  • Spare rope for attaching anchor is included.
  • Double layer of fabric at the bottom of tubes.
  • Holds up to 8 persons maximum or 5-6 comfortably.
  • Deep inflatable V-keel with a rub strake protector.
  • Heavy-duty marine grade aluminum floor is included.
  • Extra thick heavy-duty marine grade plywood transom (Upgraded fiberglass coating in Triton model).
  • Lightweight and strong removable aluminum seat benches.
  • Equipment: T-paddles, repair kit, seat benches and carry bag.
  • Free, complimentary generic high-volume pump is included (Upgraded 7.2 psi barrel pump with Triton model).
  • For the list of optional available options please visit our Accessories page.

SD470 Specs

New features have been introduced for all 2019 and later models to further improve inflatable boats durability and practicality:

  • Air valves have been moved toward the inside of boat's tubes and away from direct exposure to the elements. This will allow easier inflation from inside the boat and will minimize damage caused by sun and rain while the boat is stored uncovered for prolonged periods of time.
  • Triangular symmetrical splash guards were installed on the transom corners to provide the sensitive transom of an uncovered boat with additional protection and shade from the elements throughout extended periods in Tropical environments.


Please download Sectional Floor Assembly Manual under the “Attachments” section below (next to Product Videos) for more information. Don't be frustrated if installation seems challenging the first time. The initial installation is a tighter fit as the inflatable boat material hasn’t been inflated and had the opportunity to stretch. As with all things, installation will become much easier with each following assembly/disassembly. It is recommended that installation be completed by 2 people for our 14’ and larger inflatable boats in order to make connecting each section easier, atleast during initial installation. The aluminum side stringers are designed to cover joint points of floor sections and are not intended to run the full length of the floor. If your floor incurs any damage during use, make sure to file any sharp edges (ie. accidentally dropping a floor section) or cover with duct tape during installation.


"I use my boat to go offshore fishing and take it 20 miles offshore on calm days to fish. When I bring all my fish into the boat ramp and clean them people constantly ask me about the boat. I attached some photos to show you the fishing success I have had on the boat. I also attached a link to an article in San Sentinel that was written about me and the Saturn. I just think the amount of miles I put on the boat are far more then most of your customers. Like I said before I take the boat 20 miles off shore and with trolling in between. I probably put 60 miles round trip on the boat most times I take it out. The positive part is I can travel all those miles and use only 5 gallons of gas." Adam M. Florida

2024 15' Saturn Triton Inflatable Boat (Blue)

2024 15' Saturn Triton Inflatable Boat (Dark Grey)

2024 15' Saturn Triton Inflatable Boat (Light Grey)

2024 14' Saturn Triton Inflatable Boat (Red)

Light Grey

Boat Specification

Air Chambers:
3 + 1
Carrying Handles:
Inside Length:
Inside Width:
Max Capacity:
2000 lbs
Max Outboard Motor:
40 HP (15" Shaft / 175 lbs)
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included Standard
Overall Width:
Packing Size:
59" x 29" x 14"
2 Included (Aluminum)
Passenger Capacity:
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Total Weight (Incl. Floor):
235 lbs
Tube Diameter:
Upgraded C7 Style
2-Year (3-Year with Triton)
Weight (Floor):
100 lbs
Speed (Approx.):
30 mph (40 HP w/2 Adults)
Stainless Steel D-Rings:
Included Standard

Sectional Floor Install (Sectional_Floor_Installation_Manual.pdf, 3,095 Kb) [Download]

Ron K
The SD470 inflatable boat has exceeded our expectations in every way. From its durable construction to its thoughtful design features, every detail has been carefully considered to provide a premium boating experience. The inclusion of essential equipment such as T-paddles, repair kit, seat benches, and a carry bag demonstrates Saturn's commitment to customer satisfaction. We highly recommend the SD470 to anyone seeking an exceptional inflatable boat that combines quality, performance, and convenience.
Sturdy, strong, and impressive quality.
The Saturn SD470 is an inflatable boat that offers more than it promises. We've been using it for our fishing trips and the space it provides is simply outstanding. The heavy-duty marine grade aluminum floor is sturdy, giving the boat a solid feel. The boat's maximum capacity of 8 persons is also a massive plus, as it allows us to invite friends along on our trips.

The separate internal air chambers and safety valve provide added security, ensuring our fishing trips are always safe. The boat's fabric is of impressive quality, showing excellent resistance to tearing and breaking. If you're in the market for a reliable, roomy, and durable inflatable boat, the SD470 is definitely worth considering.
tom d
I have a Bris 15' and the bottom seam is on starboard tube is right along the transom connection and now leaking. Does anyone have a pic you can send me of your boats bottom seams on where exactly they are located as Im looking at getting another boat.
jim russell
here in Alaska , this boat is great. mine is 10 yrs old and is like new still. siting outside and buried in snow while inflated has not caused any damage. I view brown bears, orca s , seals , glaciers, and use this behind my Newport 27 sailboat in southeast Alaska.
What a nice boat. I really like it
Pat in Brooklyn
I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the SD470 15' PVC inflatable boat... so much so that I had a forest green Bimini top and full enclosure custom manufactured by Enewhere custom canvas in Brooklyn, NY. You have already posted my photos displayed on the boatstogo website. I use the inflatable with a 20 H.P mercury engine in the Adirondack region for setting up camp deep in the woods off Lewey Lake for hunting deer and bear. The 2,000 pound capacity allows me to take plenty of gear so that I can camp for weeks. The enclosure ensures that both I and my gear will remain dry in the most severe storms and the boats light weight allows me to transport the boat in my minivan and unfold and inflate the boat at any destination within minutes. I originally purchased the dingy wheels from the boatstogo website and one axle bolt was missing from the shipment. Within 3 days of my email to boatstogo I received the bolt. The dingy wheels is a valuable addition to making the boat completely portable. I highly recommend the 15 foot inflatable as it is the most stable inflatable I have ever owned and it comes with a maintenance free aluminum floor.
Hey guys, I got my Saturn SD470 about a year and a half ago and have put close to 200hrs on it. I have to say I love this boat. I mostly snorkel and free dive off Palm Beach with it, but last May I took it to the Bahamas. We stopped to clear customs in the east end and then continued towards Lucaya. It took about six hours to make Atlantic crossing from Boynton inlet to Bahamas on this boat. We were planing on towing it over behind the big boat but the morning we left the ocean was dead calm so I decided that I would use it as a scout boat to see if we could find any boards floating, with fish on them. We did, caught some dolphin and made the 90 or so mile trip to Freeport without a problem. The best part was we made the trip over on about 6 gallons of gas. I have a Yamaha F25 four stroke, and we weren't setting any speed records, but you cannot beat that. The boat will do about 15kt loaded down with 6 people plus a large cooler I use for a seat and all our snorkeling gear. Alone it does about 20kt, not bad. I keep mine covered and had one hole in it from a rogue barnacle at the doc, easy repair though, even at sea with the included patch kit. Love the boat, and would recommend it to anyone on a budget looking for a very sea worthy boat.