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15' Saturn Outfitter KaBoat

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2022 15' Saturn Triton Outfitter Series KaBoats are Here!

Customer Photo of 2022 15' Saturn Triton Outfitter KaBoat - Customer Added Accessories Not IncludedThe brand new 2022 15' Saturn Outfitter Series KaBoat now comes with our upgraded Triton series improvements and long awaited heat-welded seam construction. The new models also include extra-large 16" diameter tubes, 4 exterior tube chambers (vs. 2 in the standard 15' Saturn KaBoat), Leafield valves, upgrades galore, an a raised bow design with 2-3" additional kick for ocean/river conditions, and a very spacious interior. 

We've made new improvements to provide the most versatile combination of performance, safety, and portability for any boat on the inflatable boat market including German Heytex PVC, upgraded Leafield D7 inflation valves, a triple thick 1.5mm PVC bottom protection layer, and technical modifications for improved ability to handle ocean conditions and big waves!  These improvements account for hundreds of dollars of additional value and are only available for the 2022 Saturn Outfitter Series KaBoats (with Triton ugrades) on our and websites!

This KaBoat comes with 2 sets of oarlocks and 2 sets of rowing oars for fast tandem rowing. With a 15HP 2-stroke outboard motor, this KaBoat is insanely fast with speeds above 25 mph! It handles sharp turns great and holds large waves without a problem.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then this video showing a relative extreme upriver trip on an extremely narrow stream is priceless and truly shows what this boat can do. Check out all of the other videos our customers have shared on the video tab and you'll have a great feel for this KaBoat and how it performs with different motor sizes. This special edition KaBoat comes in 4 versions when in stock: Military Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey, or Special Ops Black.

  • Extra heavy-duty 1.5mm 1100 Denier PVC on the bottom floor surface. Nearly 70% thicker over our standard KaBoat Floors.
  • Front spray skirt with water deflector guard and rope lacing.
  • Marine grade plywood transom with a one way drain plug.
  • Extra thick, high-pressure nearly 6" thick inflatable air deck floor.
  • Durable rub strake protectors along boat tubes.
  • 4 fins on bottom of tubes for improved tracking.
  • 4 (four!) separate air chambers for extra safety.
  • 2 sets of rowing oars with 2 sets of oar locks for tandem rowing.
  • 3 lightweight aluminum removable benches.
  • Included: hand pump, repair kit, 4 oars and carry bag.

 2022 15' Saturn Outfitter KaBoat (Triton Upgrades) - Customer PhotoCustomer Photo with 15' Saturn KaBoat XL (Alaska Series) and a Custom Frame


D. Green

KaBoat Specification

Air Valves:
Leafield D7 Upgraded Valves
4 Exterior Tubes and 1 Dropstitch Rigid Inflatable Floor
Exterior Length:
Exterior Width:
Inflation time:
5-10 min.
Interior Width:
KaBoat Weight:
110 lbs
German Heytex 0.9mm, 1.8mm (dropstitch floor,) and 1.5mm bottom black PVC covering
Max. Engine Capacity:
10 HP 4-Stroke (15 HP 2-Stroke)
Person Capacity:
Shipping Size:
51" x 28" x 12"
Shipping Weight:
130 lbs
Tube Diameter:
Weight Capacity:
1000 lbs
Speed (Approx.):
10 HP (Up to 20 MPH) - 5 HP (Up to 15 MPH)
James R Mulkey
This is my second Outfitter Kaboat, moving up to a 15' from the 13' (and from green to light grey) These boats are tough as nails for sure. The overall quality inspires confidence in larger bodies of water ie major impoundments. I went with a 6 hp white outboard that really makes the Saturn logo pop and will fish for two to three days on 4 gallons of fuel! The boat will top out at 12mph downriver and struggle to reach and maintain 8 fighting the significant current of a fast-moving Chattahoochee river. This may be helpful as far as the choice of outboards goes. Even with the up-grade to German PVC, I try to limit my boat to our Deep South UV rays. I also keep the boat inflated and stored on a modified utility trailer in an enclosed shelter. She is fully rigged as a night-time (I consider myself to have one of the safest boats on the river, night or day) one-man Bass and Catfish boat with baitwell, sounder/GPS, and a vast array of lights, and anchor davit with 150' of rode.
I only have one complaint that was/is annoying to some degree. The boat's interior is listed at 18 inches. 18 very narrow inches, a foot and a half is an important design requirement for a Kaboat. However, that same 18 inches gets smaller and smaller as time goes by.
I find the tough, affordable, safe, and versatile Kaboat matched with an equally tough, affordable small outboard a very attractive combination
Administrator reply
Thank you for the thorough review James!
Quality and value
So far I'm loving this boat! Haven't touched the water yet though :)

Upgrades I added include custom frame with fishing rod holders, highback seats (attached to the included bench seats), and the rear transom wheels for easy transport.
Karren Johnson
The bottom of this boat is made with 1.5mm PVC. It has two layers, which only adds to its durability. I took a long excursion the other day, and I was comfortable the whole time. The seats are removable, which allows you to give yourself more room if no one is coming along. I use a lightweight motor behind it, as I like to get to where I am going.

Most the time I am just exploring the waters edge, and you would be amazed at the treasures I find. I am very happy with the way this boat is constructed, and it comes with everything I needed. I didn’t have to worry about purchasing extra supplies to use the boat. I typically leave my boat inflated, but it can be deflated with ease and stored away. It has brought me hours of fun and I am really pleased with this purchase.
Just wanted to tell you about how much I am enjoying my SK470XL KaBoat! As soon as I signed for the box, I brought it down the basement and unpacked and inflated it! I immediately began planning places to take it! I deflated it and packed it away till the next weekend. First trip was down to the canal with the kids The boat was sturdy and felt good in the water. I was impressed yet again. The 55lb thrust electric motor pushed it nicely! We had a good time with no issues… Second trip was a solo on a big slow moving river, fishing for pike. I had no problems with the setup or break down of the boat. I received a lot of compliments on the new ride! My third trip was a camping trip on a deep reservoir. Packed with 500lbs of weight, my KaBoat handled perfect with the 6HP outboard.. I reached 12 mph in semi calm conditions.. Once again, the KaBoat proved itself to me as a reliable, fun, and safe new toy! Next trip will be some saltwater back-bay action! Thanks for a great product...
Overall not a bad boat but it is definitely bigger and bulkier than you would think. I question the weight of 85 pounds. The material is heavy duty and you really do feel safe in this boat but again the weight of it inflated and deflated made it difficult to maneuver in and out of the water. We also bought a electric pump to air the boat up. It took us far more than ten minutes to air this up with the hand pump and that was with both of us working in tandem.
Name Withheld
use this boat everywhere even in open water. rugged design especially the bottom thick material, wish saturn makes one of the 18 foot version. I use a 3 hp mercury on this boat and it moves well even better with the 9 hp moves scary fast. love this boat! thank you saturn for such a great product for an affordable price, just don't know how you guys do it.
Name Withheld
19 MPH with 2 people 9.8 HP Nissan 4 stroke. 6 mph at 1/3 throttle of my 2.5 hp Suzuki 4 stroke. Been pretty impressed with mine thus far. Used it out in snowy PWS last week for 6 days. Was able to get 6 mph at 1/3 throttle of my 2.5 hp Suzuki 4 stroke and 7.2 at WOT. Burn under 1/2 gallon and went approx 23 miles according to the GPS on it...pretty affordable little rig to run for sure! Got the new 6 hp Merc 4 stroke on the Kaboat yesterday and today....WOT is 14 mph with me and Mrs. 1/2 throttle is about 11-12, 1/3 throttle is around to be going 8.5+ to stay on plane it appears. Much happier with this little motor than the 2.5...getting on plane will make up any loss in extra fuel burned by the 2.5 by being on top the water and going faster than doing the 6 mph push through the water at 3/4 throttle in the 2.5. Also like that its still only 55 pounds and I can easy get on step with it. Fun little boats indeed!
Woody Woodsman
This is an excellent boat. Great for human-powered or motorized sea missions where agility is required. I do a lot of fishing and crabbing in the ocean, and the kind of surf that I have to get through literally splinters kayaks. I have never rolled this boat once (unintentionally, that is!), have never fallen out even though I've stood up in it just to test out the stability.
The boat is super light, much lighter than a kayak of this length (I have the 15' version that they're selling here) and glides above the waves. You may think that that isn't the case. I assure you I've rowed similar craft for more than a decade and never had such an easy time doing so. I'm completely converted from kayaking -- the oars make rowing this boat really nice. The one complaint that I have is that they are slightly too close together. It's hard to get a good rowing rhythm going because the oar handles will strike each other on the downstroke; also, they'll hit your knees if you're not going to lengths to stay out of the way. This can be a detriment to fishing/boating excursions where a lot of movement across open water is required.
Other than that, nothing negative to say. The boat has 4 small skegs underneath that improve tracking. The transom is stable - I mounted a Scotty pulley on the back so I can pull my traps more easily. My buddies say it is the best investment I've made in sports equipment in a long time and they're not wrong. Plus, everyone's happy when I bring back a limit of crab every time.