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16' Saturn Rescue Boat

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The new model with our "Triton" series improvements (optional) are finally in stock. The Triton Series upgrades represent over $400 additional value and include; upgraded PVC construction ($75 value), heat-welded seam technology ($150 value), C7 style inflation valves ($80 value), and an extended 3-year warranty ($100 value). The boat technical specifications are nearly identical between the Triton model (TR488F) and our standard version (XHD488F). These Triton series improvements incorporate the newest technologies in inflatable boat construction and provide an incredible value for those looking to put their boat to the test. If available, this option will be listed under the "Model" selection.

The 16' Saturn Saturn Rescue Inflatable Boat (XHD488F) was designed for commercial rescue operations but works great as a heavy-duty commercial boat as well. It is excellent for rescue operations and has enhanced technical dimensions and tube diameters to support greater weight capacity, buoyancy, and stability when needed. Improved safety features over our standard 16' Saturn Dinghy include upgraded 20" diameter external tubes, 2 additional exterior tube air chambers (5 total vs. 3), 1' increased beam width (6'8" vs. 5'8"), nearly 1' increased interior width (40" vs. 28"), and 9 carrier handles (vs. 6), and 3 exterior stainless steel D-ring connection points. The 3 aluminum seat benches provide increased space between passenger seating positions and the 2 interior stored paddles provide quick entry from the water at any location (vs. the attached oars in the 16' Saturn Dinghy).2020 Version Saturn Triton Model

The increased capacity and interior space over our 16' Saturn Dinghy model inflatable boat is great for fishermen, guides, scuba instructors, and weekend warriors. It comes with our upgraded sectional aluminum floor which is the perfect complement of weight, rigidity, and performance. The two bow sections are made of a marine grade plywood floor covered with a grey protective resin.

Double layers of 1,100 heavy duty DTEX PVC fabric at the bottom of the tubes and a rub strake protector along the keel provide added protection where you need it most. The 5-layer thick construction is excellent against rupture, tearing, tension, and abrasion. The pressure relief valve will help prevent damage associated with excessive air pressure if the boat is inflated beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation. The new design model is equipped with 1 set of emergency T-paddles, 3 aluminum bench seats, soft carrying handles, a full grommet strip around the top and edges of the boat.

Please download the floor installation instructions under the "Attachment" menu next to the "Product Videos" tab.New 2021 16' Saturn Triton Rescue Boat


  • One-way drain valve with plug.
  • All around, durable rubber strike.
  • 5 Separate internal air chambers.
  • Safety valve to prevent over inflation.
  • Stainless steel D-rings for easy towing.
  • All around rope grab line and splashguard.
  • Reliable flat air valves with pushpin design.
  • Front bow D-ring with integral lifting handle.
  • Spare rope for attaching anchor is included.
  • Double layer of fabric at the bottom of tubes.
  • Accommodates up to a 40hp Outboard Motor.
  • Deep inflatable V-keel with a rub strake protector.
  • Upgraded detachable aluminum floor is included.
  • Holds up to 10 persons maximum or 6-7 comfortably.
  • Extra thick heavy-duty marine grade plywood transom.
  • Lightweight and strong removable aluminum seat benches.
  • Equipment: T-paddles, repair kit, seat benches, hand pump and carry bag.

This model is so popular it was even used in the new Mr. Beast Youtube contest!

Light Grey

Boat Specification

Air Chambers:
Carrying Handles:
Inside Length:
Inside Width:
Max Capacity:
Max Outboard Motor:
40 HP (15" Shaft / 175 lbs)
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included Standard
Overall Width:
Packing Size:
57" x 29" x 13" and 48" x 28" x 6" (Floor)
2 Included (Aluminum)
Passenger Capacity:
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Total Weight (Incl. Floor):
260 lbs (150 lbs Boat and 110 lbs Floor)
Tube Diameter:
Leafield D7 Valves
2-Year (3-Year with Triton)
Weight (Floor):
110 lbs
Speed (Approx.):
30 mph (40 HP w/2 Adults)
Stainless Steel D-Rings:
Included Standard

Hard Floor Installation (Sectional_Floor_Installation_Manual.pdf, 708 Kb) [Download]

A few photos of my 16' Saturn Triton boat setup
Mike Gilbert
I purchased the 16' Saturn Triton Rescue boat. This is my 5th inflatable and by far the heaviest built. I have been an inflatable enthusiast since 1985 with my first boat a Camp Trails neoprene river raft. My second was an Odyssey, which was fair boat, and then two Zodiacs, One was a Futura that the transom glue failed. The other, a 1978 zodiac Mark ii Heritage we still have and use as a tug behind our new Saturn Triton. This Saturn is well built, and the price was phenomenal. I would put the Saturn up against any inflatable regarding strength, build, and quality of any brand inflatable as well as over any of my previous boats.
I looked at the 15' but the oars on top was not my first choice. My second pic was the 18' but I would have to build a new trailer for it. Then i found the Rescue 16'. Same width as the 18'. It met my needs perfectly.
Lastly, I did receive fast responses to my e-mails, and had a sales rep call me weekly to answer any of my questions. I am very pleased thus far.