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9'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft

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2023 9'6" Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft (Blue)The all new 2023 Triton model includes over $700 of upgrades

  1. Triton heat-welding construction technique!
  2. New heavy-duty Heytex PVC construction
  3. Our upgraded Leafield D7 inflation valves
  4. Full PVC wrap that takes the extra thick 1.2mm PVC all the way up to the midpoint of the exterior tubes
  5. Extra thick PVC utilized for construction of the inflatable floor surface -  Over 70% thicker than RD290 model ($200 value)
  6. The upgraded 1.2mm PVC bottom protection (2.1 total thickness - 70% thicker)
  7. Top chafe strip for frame protection ($100 value)
  8. Front/rear chafe strip for frame protection ($50 value)
  9. Upgrade PVC lifting handles along with 4 additional handles on upper exterior tubes.


The newest member of rafting fleet was suggested by one of our most experienced guides in West Virginia and was specifically designed to offer an affordable alternative to the overpriced mini-rafts on the market today. It is the perfect raft to affordably introduce you to the sport of rafting. For those looking for a solid raft to R2 with this model absolutely can't be beat. See this great article for more information on what customers are looking for in a raft this size (Canoe & Kayak article).

For those looking to compare the quality of our products vs. our competitors the video below should end all thoughts about the conditions our rafts can manage. This is pretty amazing Class V+ water! If a picture is worth 1,000 words then our video section showing these rafts in Class III, IV, and V whitewater truly speak volumes. Lastly, check out this video (click here) of 11 year old Cayden "Uno" Eckel running an earlier version of the 9'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft with his dad on the Umpqua River at over 5,000 CFS. If you don't get chills watching Cayden high side (1:29 mark of video) you must not be running whitewater through your veins.

With hundreds of these rafts on the water since we introduced them 5 years ago it's remarkable to see what customers have put them through throughout the years. If you want an R2 raft and are looking for something has and will stand the test of time, you have to consider the Saturn.

The lightweight and portable 9'6" Saturn Triton Raft is great for both fishing and whitewater rafting. The material is extremely thick and can handle all types of abuse. The higher rocker provides an exhilarating ride on whitewater like no other raft! It is an excellent whitewater paddle boat for 4 people or a nifty rowing rig for 1 person and lightweight gear.

Our inflatable thwarts are removable and provide for great seating options. Our customized pressure-relief valves prevent over-inflation in both the tubes and drop-stitch floor. Our new heavy duty floor and extra thick black rub strake protector provide for increased protection against punctures and make for one of the thickest on the market today.

The 9'6" length and 5'3" width is enough to handle big whitewater or sneak through a tight fit in smaller river canyons. It provides one heck of a ride in Class III+ whitewater! The 9'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft is equally suitable for holding still above a fishing hole, or surfing in your favorite R2 hole. When paddling big whitewater this raft will keep your adrenaline pumping!

Lightweight, fast and easily maneuvered, SATURN rafts outperform bulky and heavy Hypalon rafts. Our designs have allowed for easy maintenance, repair and increased portability.

Here are some additional product features:

  • Rafts tubes are made of heavy-duty upgraded German Heytex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm.
  • The new Triton Model has the dropstitch floor designed with an extra thick layer of PVC utilized for construction of the top and bottom surface which is now over 70% thicker than the standard RD290 model and allows greater durability, puncture resistance, and abrasion resistance right where you need it.
  • Faster self-bailing floor design, customized for big whitewater
  • The TRRD290X Triton Model also has the 1.2mm PVC floor covering and only in this model the 1.2mm PVC has now been extended to the exterior midpoint of the side tubes (front to back).
  • This is not the light river model, it's designed for abuse!
  • Upgraded Leafield D7 valves
  • 6" thick drop-stitch high-pressure air floor (pressure rating now over 10 psi)
  • Soft lifting handles in front and rear.
  • Rubbing strake all around the raft.
  • 2 D-rings inside and 10 D-rings outside.
  • Self bailing holes all around raft bottom perimeter.
  • Two detachable 10" diameter inflatable thwarts.
  • Accessories: repair kit and carry bag.
  • High pressure hand pump included.

Package any of our whitewater rafts with a custom NRS frame or NRS frame package and save. All frame packages will be discounted 10% when added to any of our Saturn rafts.


Raft Specification

Air Chambers:
2 Exterior Tubes, 2 Inflatable Thwarts (Removable), and 1 Dropstitch Inflatable Outfitter Floor (rated over 10 psi!)
Carrying Handles:
Center-to-Center Tube Width:
Interior Width:
Nylon Carrying Bag:
Included Standard
Nylon Foot Straps:
Not Included
Not Included
Passenger Capacity:
Removable Thwarts:
2 (Pin System)
Rubber Strake Protection:
Included Standard
Self Bailing Floor:
Outfitter Air Deck Floor (Over 10 psi) with 12 mm dia. bailing holes
Top Tangent Length:
Tube Diameter:
Leafield C7 Valves
3-Year Now Included
Weight (Raft):
85 Lbs

2023 NRS Frame Package Builder (2023_Saturn_Rafts_-_9'6_Saturn_Raft.xlsx, 26 Kb) [Download]

Manual (SATURN_Raft-Kayak_Manual.pdf, 837 Kb) [Download]

12 years old and still going strong
Purchased in 2012, and pretty much trouble free if taking care properly!
Bob Wiley
I just received my 290X raft and it is awesome! We had a blast with it this weekend running some local class iii runs.
A few months ago I was looking around for a used whitewater canoe to introduce my wife to the sport of whitewater paddling. I have been canoeing and kayaking for a number of years, and after getting married I thought it would be nice to get my wife involved so I wouldn't always be leaving her behind while I had fun on various rivers in the Southeast. Somewhere along my search I saw an add for a small used raft. It was in good shape, but well over what I was hoping to spend. The add got me thinking however, and I began to entertain the notion of finding a raft that the two of us could paddle together. Before I purchase any piece of equipment, I do a good amount of research to ensure that what I buy is worth the money and will hold up through years of frequent and demanding use. I originally began my research with the intention of purchasing a used raft (hoping a suitable/affordable one would come up on Craigslist or Boatertalk). While researching various brands and models of rafts to familiarize myself with the pros and cons of each, I inevitably came across Saturn rafts. The 9'6" model was priced at almost half of what any comparable boat from other reputable companies would cost brand new. After countless hours researching the Saturn, reading through posts on various online forums, and weighing my options, I decided to order one of these little puppies (the 9'6" model, RD290X). I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. The boat is well constructed, absolutely bomber, and an all around blast to paddle. It even came with a pump that exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, as well as a small repair kit packed in a waterproof tube, and a carrying bag. The raft was shipped to my door for no cost. The boat is heavier than it looks like it would weigh, which actually pleased me. You simply can't reduce weight without sacrificing durability somewhere, and any quality whitewater capable raft will have some weight to it. With that being said, it is by no means difficult to manage. The carry to my favorite river (Chattooga) is 1/4 mile, and my wife and I can easily throw it over our heads and walk to the river without stopping for a break. On the water it feels weightless. It spins like a top if you want it to, but also tracks surprisingly well. Just yesterday I paddled a notorious rapid at a heavy flow by myself, and was able to carve into a small eddy right above a large drop before ferrying across the current to safely run the rest of the rapid on the ideal line. I was sincerely impressed at how well the boat handled, as this was my first time paddling a raft solo, as well as my first time paddling that rapid in a raft period. The raft is also equipped with plenty of D-rings along the perimeter, and one on each end of the boat on the inside of the boat to secure gear. The valves are excellent and easy to use, and I love the assurance of having pressure relief valves in the main tubes. Rafts are surprisingly sensitive to temperature and if inflated full on a cold morning, will expand a good bit when parked on a warm beach later in the day. The floor is awesome too. It inflates firm enough to stand on, and I attribute some aspects of the raft's performance to the stiff floor. The raft doesn't want to fold like many rafts will do when hitting a large wave or dropping into a good sized hole. It's also pretty handy that the thwarts and floor can be removed in case you need to clean debris or sediment out from between the floor and the bottom material of the raft. The extra protective fabric along the bottom that also extends up the sides of the tubes seems extremely durable. I've scraped it over quite a few rocks, none of which were able to even remotely gouge the material. This raft is going to see many river miles in it's lifetime. I would absolutely recommend this boat to anyone looking for a sweet little R2 boat. I'd probably recommend one of the larger rafts sold by Saturn as well, but I haven't paddled one.
Craig Kuchel
Hi. I just purchased a Saturn 9.5 foot raft. I called last week with a couple of questions, and got Steve. He not only answered all my questions, but, with his help, I was able to configure the frame and get the components of the package that I know will provide us with a better experience. Steve should be commended for his thorough knowledge and his patience and willingness to assist with numerous questions!
Paul & Family
The Saturn 9'6" raft is such a wonderful craft for our river. Absolutely perfect. I took it out today..same run as the video of the children shown on your product Video Tab...except it was pouring rain and the two ladies I had with me had a blast and once again the Saturn 9'6" offers such an incredible ride. I always get a kick out of the outfitters and expedition companies I pull up to at the "take out" day there were 4 (yes four) 14ft rafts next to mine at the take out, as we had to wait for them to load up all their rafts...none of the guides said a word to me...they just looked at the raft and my disbelief...and now that I think of it...they do that every time I come off the river, as I am usually with a different person..trying to get as many Veterans and people on the river to enjoy this incredible Saturn 9'6" raft.

Please feel free to link the video I sent over, the kids would be honored to be linked to your company as we have derived so much pleasure and fun from this purchase.

Our normal run is 7 miles with 10 Class III rapids...and 1 Class IV...and quite a few smaller this little Saturn is taking on a very aggressive run with a lot of rocks and probably why I need to pressure up during each run.

Thank you very much fellow River Warrior...c u down river one day :)

Paul & Family (Cayden-Uno, Ashten-BG, Lexie-Sweet Petunia, & Tristian-Little Beast)
Paul Steadfast
Thank you for a wonderful product. We are having an incredible time on the water!!! As a single dad of 4 small children - this product is perfect for my 9-year-old and I to R2 due to the size and ease of maneuver ability (steering). I have taken this Saturn Raft out 17x's so far since its arrival. For our river...this RAFT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a couple of YouTube videos I posted from the 4th of July weekend :)