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"Saturn Triton Series" with upgraded PVC, heat-welded seams, and C7 valves. 

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The 15'8" Saturn Triton is the 2nd Saturn raft I have owned. I used my first boat (11'8") exclusively on the Rogue River....lots of multi day (4-6 days) Wild and Scenic trips...and one Solo 160 mile Rogue River trip from the Dam to the Ocean.
Saturn rafts track well, are durable, functional and very dependable. I sold my first boat and upgraded to the Triton. Bigger tubes, extra rigid floor and thicker bottom sealed the deal for me.
I got More Than I Paid For and laugh all the way to the river and back.
Steve at customer service is the right guy for the job.
We bought one of you rafts about a year ago and LOVE IT!!!! I was wondering if you sell frames that fit your rafts. We built one of our own, but it doesn't quite as well as one that is made for it might. I was hoping to surprise my husband for his birthday.
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