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Saturn Inflatable Boat / Dinghy

As we kick off 2023 we reflect on over 20 years of production of the Saturn Inflatable Boats. It's been incredibly fun to expand our product line to cover nearly every inflatable boat activity imaginable. Our #1 goal has always been to provide our customers an option to "get out on the water" with a commercial grade product at an affordable price. While that has been impacted by supply-chain challenges and inflation pressures, we always strive to continue to provide a commercial grade product line at a wholesale price point. 

Our Saturn "Triton" upgrade option is available on many of our boats (subject to inventory) and represents the highest quality features we have ever produced. The specific Triton upgrades vary on a product by product basis but basically equates to "Cadillac" features which have been customized for each model. The Triton upgrades provide our customers/guides/outfitters with top-of-the-line upgrades which typically include Leafield inflation and pressure relief valves ($150-250 valve depending on model), German Mehler or Heytex PVC, high-frequency heat-welded seam construction, an upgraded warranty, and higher quality accessories (ie hand pumps, storage bags, rowing oars). Our new premium series "Saturn Triton" inflatable boats were created with the intent to provide the absolute highest quality construction and a technical design that rivals the highest end boats in the world. We haven't been this excited about our technology advancements in over a decade, we've taken quality/affordability to the next level.

Our full product line of Saturn Inflatable Boats now covers over 50 products and continues to be praised as “…the greatest value on the inflatable boat market today!” With thousands of new Saturn boats being placed on waters across the world each year we’ve quietly become one of the largest inflatable boat brands in the world. If you're looking for quality, affordability, and value - you will not beat the Saturn brand.

18' Saturn Triton Inflatable Boat - TR518 RED Save 52%
$4,299.00 $2,049.00
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$4,199.00 $1,949.00
2020 Model Triton TR470 Save 53%
$3,999.00 $1,899.00
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$3,599.00 $1,799.00
All New 14' Saturn Long Tender (Triton Version) With Dropstitch Floor Save 48%
$3,100.00 $1,599.00
Save 50%
$2,599.00 $1,299.00
2020 12' Saturn Dinghy - Dark Grey - Rear View Save 50%
$2,399.00 $1,199.00
2020 11' Saturn SD330 Dinghy (Dark Grey) With Upgraded C7 Style Inflation Valves - Top View Save 55%
$2,549.00 $1,149.00
11' Saturn Inflatable Boat SD330W Save 59%
$2,699.00 $1,099.00
9'6" Saturn SD290 Save 55%
$2,199.00 $999.00
2020 8'6" Saturn Dinghy SD260 - Dark Grey Standard Model - Side View Save 50%
$1,699.00 $849.00
Save 51%
$1,850.00 $899.00

Our Saturn Inflatable boats come equipped with a full line of commercial grade features including multiple exterior air chambers, our acclaimed drop stitch inflatable floor (over 8 psi pressure rating), removable seating, comfortable lifting handles, upgraded inflation valves, pressure relief valves, stainless steel D-rings and more. Everything you’d expect.....with an unsuspecting price.

Our customers put hundreds of thousands of miles on their Saturn Boats each year and continue to exceed expectations. We've spent years testing, refining, and improving based on input from customers, guides and outfitters across the globe. Order your Saturn Boat today and enjoy years of fun and exhilaration while experiencing our vast waterways with family, friends and fellow boaters.

Saturn Inflatable Boats are made with our stand 1100 Dtex PVC with a high-density polyester fabric. It has excellent resistance to tearing, tension, abrasion and puncture. The heavy-duty outer PVC layer of the Saturn Inflatable Boat helps protect against UV rays, ozone and abrasion while inner layers provide additional strength and support. The double layers of fabric at the bottom of the tubes and rub-strake protector along the inflatable keel provide extra protection from sharp rocks and abrasive sand. The pressure relief valve will prevent excessive pressure in the boats chambers.

All Saturn Inflatable Boats come with a heavy-duty marine grade transom, one-way drain valve plugs, front towing D-rings, aluminum bench seats and front and rear carrying handles. Most Saturn Inflatable Boats are available in two different floor options. The heavy-duty marine grade coated 5-piece floor with aluminum side rails option is lightweight, easy to install and creates an extremely rigid platform to stand and fish from. The 4” thick high-pressure air chamber floor is the same floor from our whitewater raft models and is lighter weight than the wood floor option and a good fit for boaters who need to inflate/deflate their Saturn Inflatable Boat after each use. While not as rigid as the wood floor, the air deck floor can handle pressures of 8-10 psi, still making a solid floor to stand and maneuver from.


Saturn Boats carry the highly recognized CE certification issued by Lloyds of London. CE Certification ensures that products are of the highest quality and are issued only to products that meet their exhaustive quality standards.

Inflatable Boat Testimonials:

“For anyone that doubts that this raft is not a quality raft, take it from me, this raft is amazing. It tracks well, it is stable, comfortable, and it is absolutely bomb-proof. The best thing is, it was affordable.” ----- The Kaiser Family

It's always summer in the Caribbean. The last photo is just for fun...3 men and a 110 lb Tarpon in a dinghy. Classic.

-Tyler Boss

Saturn inflatable boat testimonial 2 Saturn inflatable boat testimonial 1

Saturn inflatable boat testimonial 3

My name is Steve Owens and I've had a Saturn 11' inflatable raft since November 2007. I love my boat. It's the perfect introductory boat or 1st boat because it’s small and easy to maneuver. The best feature is that it's extremely compact. I don't even have a trailer. I carry it in the back of my mini-van. I just inflate/deflate for every use and roll it up. It takes me about 15 -20 mins to inflate with the pump that comes with the boat. I also have a small 8HP Honda Engine to power my inflatable. That also fits in the back of my van, so this is literally a "boat in a bag".

Saturn inflatable boat testimonial 4 Saturn inflatable boat testimonial 5

The quality of the boat is extremely high. In the three years that I've had it, I've never had a problem. It's also very stable in the water. I live in Miami, FL and I use my Saturn Inflatable in the ocean. I've unintentionally rigorously tested my Saturn inflatable in rough seas. We were being slammed by 4-foot high whitecaps from the side. To my surprise, the boat didn't capsize. These waves were so strong that we had to hold on tight in order to avoid being swept out of the boat. The worst thing that happened was that the boat then became like a "hot tub" because it was full of water. It was fun. Any other boat would have sank. But the inflatable has 5 air tube compartments that kept us and the engine afloat. The water eventually drained out thanks to the one-way drain plug. But first we had to get back into the bay where the waters were calm. I've had a lot of fun with my Saturn Inflatable and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors. Miami is really a great area to have a boat. I've been all over the Biscayne Bay, intercoastal, and the coastline. I've seen wild dolphins up close and all types of great marine life. If you live near a river or big lake, I'm sure you'll have just as much fun with a boat like mine. Happy boating Capt'n! Enjoy the outdoors!

Sincerely, Steve Owens

I bought my Saturn 11 and put a 9.9 on it last year. It has been a good boat and we have been very happy. My wife love running the back waters of the Mississippi and watching the wildlife. Our friends are always borrowing it for a “dinghy” ride. It has held up well and performs as you described. Here are a couple of shots for your records.

Enjoy and thanks, Paul

Saturn inflatable boat testimonial 7 Saturn inflatable boat testimonial 6

I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your dinghy. We can’t tip it over if we tried, and most users are over 200 pounds. We also have three and five year olds using it and enjoying its comfort and safety. We haven’t taken it on an extensive trip yet; however, we will be going into the North Channel in Canada in the near future. We’ll let you know how it goes, but I know it will work very well for us.

Steve – Atlanta, GA