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"Saturn Triton Series" with upgraded PVC, heat-welded seams, and C7 valves. 

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Saturn Inflatable Catamaran

Our Saturn "Triton" upgrade option is available on many of our boats (subject to inventory) and represents the highest quality features we have ever produced. The specific Triton upgrades vary on a product by product basis but basically equates to "Cadillac" features which have been customized for each model. The Triton upgrades provide our customers/guides/outfitters with top-of-the-line upgrades which typically include Leafield inflation and pressure relief valves ($150-250 valve depending on model), German Mehler or Heytex PVC, high-frequency heat-welded seam construction, an upgraded warranty, and higher quality accessories (ie hand pumps, storage bags, rowing oars). Our new premium series "Saturn Triton" inflatable boats were created with the intent to provide the absolute highest quality construction and a technical design that rivals the highest end boats in the world. We haven't been this excited about our technology advancements in over a decade, we've taken quality/affordability to the next level.

Saturn introduces line of new and affordable watercrafts - Inflatable Catamarans. Simple and versatile design along with catamaran-type hull allows easy planning and decent speeds even with a smaller power rating motors.

Inflatable catamaran

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