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STAR Kima Sport Cat Cataraft Frame

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Strap the STAR Sport Cat Cataraft Frame is a perfect fit for the 13' Saturn Cataraft Tubes. This is a great frame when you're ready for a solo trip in big whitewater. Add a rear cooler or drybox or an extra seat for a couple of passengers and you'll have a great day trip setup.

  • Add other parts and accessories to these basic frames for compact multiday trips or fishing expeditions.
  • The frame comes in two lengths, 78" and 88". The 78" fits the Saturn 13' Cataraft Tubes very well and can also be used in the longer lengths.
  • The center of the horizontal section of the drop rail is 9 3/8" from the center of the top side rail, to fit all but the smallest diameter cat tubes.
  • The drop rails extend to the ends of the top side rails so other cross members can be positioned anywhere along the side rails.
  • Since the drop rails can be adjusted for width, you can achieve the same internal cargo capacity you'd have with a 72" yoke-style frame on most smaller diameter cataraft tubes.
  • Hot-forged aluminum alloy LoPro™ Frame Fittings are the heart of the NRS frame system, and allow complete adjustability for all frame parts.
  • NRS 8" Oar Mounts are also hot-forged, lighter and stronger. The replaceable nylon insert reduces rowing friction and damps out rotation noise.
  • Bolt the Universal Seat Mount to one of the cross bars and mount the High-Back Padded Drain Hole Seat precisely where you need it.
  • Frame includes: Two Side Rails, Two Standard Cat Drop Side Rails, Four Cross Bars, Universal Seat Mount, Deluxe Foot Bar w/o pegs, High-Back Drain-Hole Seat, and 8" Oar Mounts.

Please call for information regarding additional options.


  • Size: 66"W x 78"L
  • Material: Modular anodized aluminum frame
  • Weight: 74 lbs
  • 2 - 78" Side Rails
  • 2 - 78" Drop Side Rails
  • 4 - Crossbars
  • 1 - Deluxe Footbar
  • 1 - High-back Drain Hole Seat
  • 1 - Pair of 8" Oar Mounts

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