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Whitewater Catarafts

As we kick off 2021 our Saturn whitewater catarafts continue to be advanced, improved, and praised by our customers as “…the greatest value on the whitewater market today!” Since 2011 when our catarafts were first introduced, our customers have put them on rivers and streams around the world from New Zealand to S. America, and all over the USA. They are sleek and lightweight but are specifically designed to carry a heavy load.

Our cataraft line is perfect for those looking to get into the sport and test out this ever growing niche market. Our catarafts have helped us quietly become one of the fastest growing whitewater raft suppliers in the world. If you're looking for a commercial grade quality whitewater cataraft that has been proportioned for both performance and capacity at an affordable price our Saturn Whitewater Catarafts can’t be beat.

Each Saturn whitewater cataraft comes equipped with a full line of features including multiple exterior chambers, comfortable rubberized handles, Leafield C7 valves, stainless steel D-rings, frame chafers, repair kits, pump adaptors and more! Everything you’d expect at an unexpected price. In addition, our NRS frame options can help you customize the perfect setup for your needs whether you're leaking for a sleak playboat or a multi-seat NRS Fishing Frame setup. We carry ALL of NRS' product line (even though only portions of it are on our website) and can package the perfect setup for your needs. Call us today for your custom cataraft needs at 800-217-3270.